What is peace movement

Peacecoin aims to unite the masses and their intentions. It is here to bring all economies and ethnicities together. Peacecoin is a selfless project executed to help others. Being a complete paradigm shift in a peace movement world, Peacecoin will bind people as one.

Born in 2020, in an era of difficult times for our planet, for humanity, for our hearts. Time for reflection and forgiveness, a reminder of Freedom, Unity, Justice, Love, and Equality. The Peacecoin Project, Uniting and Connecting the World together in PEACE.

Peacecoin Vision

The Peacecoin Vision started by its founders will certainly make a significant difference across everywhere from west to east and north to south globally. Through our vision and dedication, hard work, and ethics we will achieve a better world for everyone, regardless of creed, race, or color. This is The PEACECOIN VISION!

Our Vision

We envision a world where everything is equal. Peacecoin's aim is to eradicate poverty and homelessness.

Our Mission

Peacecoin's mission is to rebuild the wasted urban cities in America and war torn countries, globally. Peacecoin stands for peace and harmony and that is what we want to achieve.

Our Plan

We will start in the United States of America by building construction trade schools everywhere, which will be dedicated to teach the 17 Trades of Construction to the underserved communities.

Our Purpose

To shed light on the true meaning of peace, redefine its context internationally and to bring people together.


The Peace Coin Movement and one of its final valuable products is to rebuild the wasted urban cities in America and war torn countries, globally. We are now living in a world that is suffering from gang violence, real inequalities, governmental suppression, religious disunity and tribal wars. Much of the violence is due to the lack of jobs and employment. Proceeds from the PC will go towards re-development projects in the urban cities of America and will produce jobs for those who can’t find work. Proceeds will also go towards eradicating poverty and homelessness.

From Low Tech: The 17 Trades of Construction

We will start in the US by building a construction trade school that will be dedicated to teaching the 17 trades to the underserved communities.

To High Tech: Technology Campuses Around the World

Peacecoin Inc. is also a division in tech and a global technology play. Peacecoin Inc. reach in technology includes reach into Silicon Valley, and the Far East South Asian Markets. Peacecoin Tech employs and deploys some of the best in today’s cutting edge technology. Peacecoin will built Technology Campuses around the Globe and especially in inner cities, underdeveloped and emerging countries where kids and young adults with full scholarships will go through high levels of cutting edge curriculum. This reach and push will create a better world and will allow children who didn’t have a chance, have a chance to be great; and compete in a level playing field. Peacecoin Tech believes that technology and the World Wide Web has created an equal opportunity moment for every child and young adult to compete equally and globally. Peacecoin knows that the young generation is our future for a better and PEACE loving tomorrow and world. PEACECOIN is making a move to do something about it with its Vision and Plans to build hundreds of technology campuses around the world!

United In Peace

The goal is to reduce the negative of violence in our communities by concentrating more of our peoples’ attention and energy on creating the positive of peace. Coming together with the Peace Coin Movement and the Peacecoin global reach we United In Peace will now be able to take this message faster and it will take it Global.

Every month United in Peace takes to the streets spreading a message of unity and peace in our communities. More than simply riding motorcycles and cars in the name of something, the Peace Rides travel into the very heart of our communities to embrace and engage local residents in this popular peace movement. Bikers and low-riders offer the peace materials to one and all—orange United in Peace bracelets, The Way to Happiness booklet, Million Man March pledge. At the conclusion of each ride, there is a Festival where everyone is invited out to celebrate with a concert featuring professional acts in hip-hop, R&B and gospel, alongside local talent. This isn’t just entertainment, it’s “edutainment”—educating and entertaining at the same time.

Peace Movement Certifications

What Local and State Leaders are Saying

For the past 8 years almost every month the Peace Movement has taken its Peace rallies to the streets of Los Angeles and across the United States promoting the message of unity, peace, and prosperity. Leaders around the and across cities have recognized this tremendous service to the People and backed their support.

Live support

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Join the Peacecoin Movement

How we do it? Bringing people out of their homes and sharing the way to happiness and helping them flourish and prosper!

The Peacecoin Movement is all about the people and all about enhancing people’s financial lives. For the first time ever an organized movement has mobilized with the help of community, leadership, and technology both from the ground and the cloud combining both worlds with the element of Precious Metal (Silver, Gold, Platinum) Jewelry sales.


Our Executive Team has a combined experience work of over 100 years in community work, business, social networking, and jewelry manufacturing.

Tony Muhammad


Verlyn Spreeman


Kenny Smith

Brand Ambassador

Watkin Muhammad


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Frequently Asked Questions

Religions and all ethnicities around the world coming together to promote real Peace real Prosperity for all mankind everywhere. AGE OF PEACE.
Yes. The Silver Peace Coins are "925 Silver" or "925 Sterling Silver". Peacecoin will later release a limited edition of “soft silver” some in the later part of 2021 which is 99.9% Silver. Gold Peace Coins are solid 18 carat gold jewelry. Platinum Peace Coins are solid platinum metals.
Yes. Peacecoin Jewelry is an OJM (Original Jewelry Manufacturer). Peacecoin manufacturers its own precious metal jewelry and the Peacecoins. The company has over 30 years of experience in jewelry manufacturing.
All Peace Coins are manufactured by Peacecoin from the Jewelry district of Los Angeles, California.
Peacecoin Inc. is headquartered in Los Angeles California and through its Movement with a massive Global Reach into 200+ plus countries around the world.
Within placing your order you will receive your shipment of your Peace Coins via FedEx UPS or USPS within 7-14 days or sooner.
Absolutely. Every customer regardless from which ever part of the world they are from has the right to return their Peace Coins within the first 30 days of receiving their precious metal jewelry for a 100% refund. 100% refunds are applied to jewelry or coins that are returned in good and normal conditions and in entirety. Any product returned damaged or missing will not be eligible for a refund or may be subject to a partial refund and in this case only, please refer to the return policy of the company. After 30 days all sales are final.


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