Discover collections, Get Equipment or find assets to build Your Own Unique Experiences.

A community-driven platform, where you can deploy smart contracts with confidence, and build your Markeplace within the Marketplace; connect with your friends , and let them mint their own NFTs. Peacecoin lets you flourish.

The generation of true creative ideas; with the help of providing the development process and the best suitable platform to auction your NFTs.

The Trading Bridge between varieties of BLOCKCHAIN

Blockchains used in the world of NFTs offer different experiences and possibilities for collectors and artists. Peacecoin NFT Marketplace will be the bridge that connects these blockchains and their possibilities providing a Multi-chain NFT Marketplace for the community.
By creating an ecosystem that combines the efficiency of a marketplace with the utility of a launchpad, we have greatly reduced the number of applications a user needs.
The implementation of our platform also encourages the growth of the gaming ecosystem, the play-and-earn economy, as well as increase in the number of holders



Peacecoin is on the world’s biggest and busiest blockchains and is as decentralized as it gets. This means you are able to easily crossover and without restrictions.

Explore, Collect and Sell NFTs

Apart from making your own NFT collection, you can explore, collect and sell NFTs from other collections. The digital trend of NFT is creating the limitless categories of art, the best, gifted artists are displaying; what their tongue can't say, but what goes through their mind!

Decentralized Governance

Peacecoin deploys an efficient digital network to restructure your unique ideas into a form of remarkable NFTs. You have the hold of direct development of the project along with the corresponsible experts of Peacecoin NFTs. Together we make the best of digital masterpieces.

Create Your NFT Collection

Create an NFT collection and be a part of the proof of work at peacecoin NFT. You can write blogs, record videos of your choice to elaborate your creative mind process. Peacecoin's framework can assist in selecting the type of playform you want to use to design your specific NFT Collection.



Talent Display

Place Your NFT on the Metaverse

Get a valuable display
Choose a category
Price it for auction
Passive Earning


Affiliate with a reliable exchange
Use crypto wallets
Get commissions, annually
Non-stop Investment

Keep Earning With Your NFTs

Once your NFT is selected for sale, the revenues are counted on the basis of royalty. Each time an NFT is sold it brings a chunk of money in the form of commission and royalty. So, the consistency of sale brings joy for the NFT owner!