(Peacecoin) Whitepaper



This document provides an initial summary of the Peacecoin token (symbol: PEACE) and the Peacecoin Project. As the project proceeds, this document is expected to evolve over time. The Peacecoin team may post modifications, revisions and/or updated drafts from time to time for its smooth functioning.

In the event of a conflict between the terms & conditions and this whitepaper, the terms & conditions must govern and supersede the whitepaper. Again, this whitepaper is not an offering document or prospectus and is not intended to provide the basis of any investment decision or contract.


The digital payment space is evolving and reshaping right in front of us. The popularity of the Blockchain, distributed public ledger technologies and Smart Contracts have opened a world of new ideas, especially disruptions to traditional payment methods and public ledgering protocols and procedures. However, the effects of it all have been even more wide-reaching than we imagined. What if, we use this emerging technology with the corroboration of cryptocurrencies to resolve problems or improve certain processes that we can identify right now. It doesn't need to be as far-reaching to resolve global issues yet, but it can certainly provide solutions to support and improve the lives in our local communities at present especially through a seamless and uninterrupted agile way to resolve financial needs and problems.

Peacecoin Inc. a product-oriented company that facilitates sales of products and services to consumers through independent Sales Agents and affiliate members and is registered in the Great State of California. The main products are Solid Silver Coins, Solid Gold Coins and Solid Platinum Coins. Peacecoin also produces an NFT Marketplace and NFT products and Metaverse (“PeaceWorldMeta”) as a core line of its products and services. These products & services are marketed and can be promoted by Affiliates or 3rd party/sellers or (“independent business owners”) who are members through a direct sales compensation plan business model direct to customer sales which go through a replicated website provided by Peacecoin Inc. for its affiliate marketers. Peacecoin Jewelry Inc. is an OJM (Original Jewelry Manufacturer) situated in the heart of downtown Los Angeles in the famous jewelry district. Peacecoin Jewelry Inc. is manufacturing and designing its own precious metal jewelry and the Peacecoins (precious metals). The company manufacturing has over 17 years of experience in jewelry design & manufacturing.

Peacecoin.io is the technology arm of Peacecoin Inc. Peacecoin.io does all the web3 Crypto, NFT, Metaverse, online learning Peacecoin Academy, and blockchain development work for the “Peacecoin Movement” or “Project”. Peacecoin.io has a dedicated team of developers who work exclusively for Peacecoin and are always seeking highly skilled developers. Looking forward to the mid-term to long-term future, as it is in its Mission and Vision Peacecoin's work will be the true aim it is after and has to offer. In its later and next phases of work Peacecoin will construct and build all over the United States and maybe in parts of the world, the “Construction” and “Technology Campuses” in underdeveloped and inner cities bringing much needed high paying jobs to communities and people. In this phase of development Peacecoin Inc. will move into the business of Real Property and Real Estate (purchasing these campuses and building solid assets onto the company's balance sheets and holdings portfolio). These Real Property assets will in time appreciate and give the company's Peace token (PEACE) collateral value, backing, and market strength amongst altcoins and parallel chains.

We have created the PEACECOIN token (PEACE) as a digital token based on the Ethereum (ETH) ERC20 Protocol, which is the cryptocurrency with the second largest market cap (second to Bitcoin). We believe the ERC20 protocol is based on a more mature and advanced technology grid, which exempts it from the throughput challenges that can hinder the Bitcoin (BTC) network, driving transaction speeds and functionalities limited as compared to the Ethereum chain. Furthermore the I.T. and technical resource support and opensource development work worldwide for the ERC20 smart contract chain protocol is far more in activity and numbers for the Ethereum chain compared to the Bitcoin core and Bitcoin forked chains.

PEACECOIN is being built with many features to possibly differentiate us from our competitors, but its greatest strength lies in the team behind it. We are confident that “PEACECOIN” has massive potential to rise to the top because many of its team members have a proven track record time and time again - in our ability to enter a crowded market, disrupt the status quo, bring bigger value, become one of the dominant players, and to truly make a difference. We have consistently demonstrated our ability to innovate, execute, and to grow rapidly. These qualities have served us well in helping us stay one step ahead of the competition and to compete. There is an enormous untapped potential in the blockchain and web3 markets, and we are excited to repeat and try our success with PEACECOIN here again. We would be ecstatic and grateful for anybody everywhere, and supporters, to join us on this journey.


Did you know that the web3 marketplace is quite immense, impressive, and at present (2022-2023) still in its early adopter, and pre-growth pre-expansion stage? It is predicted by many experts alike that in 2023 just alone the Web3.0 blockchain technology sector will be worth more than SIX ($6) TRILLION Dollars *(according to Market Research Future). And Web3.0 will continue to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 44.6% from year 2023 to year 2030.



With the advent of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, new opportunities for business and disruptive financial applications have entered the market. As an alternative payment method, it has gained popularity among contributors, entrepreneurs, early adopters, and consumers over the last few years. Such popularity would not be possible without blockchain technology (underlying technology), a ground-breaking technology that powers all cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are not simply a technological trend, but rather a shift towards a better future, one in which managing one's finances is becoming easier, faster, cheaper and safer, honest, and most important - transparent. The cryptocurrency industry has given birth to an entirely new marketplace which has the potential to disrupt existing market strategies and conventional business practices.

One of the challenges facing this new technology today is the lack of specific platforms (specific utility) that will allow a user to participate in this industry with minimal effort and a specific purpose. By creating the Peacecoin, users who wish to participate in unique and robust projects will now be able to use a platform that makes this accessible and simple to use. Future utility uses will be outlined by project as these are being worked on in present time.

Once when the Project feels that market listing conventions are met and as the Peace token (PEACE) gains marketplace volume activity across crypto exchanges, the Project plans to burn and remove approximately 10% (which accounts for 190 million) tokens from its total float and supply. We expect this good practice will not only be welcomed by the token holders but help increase token valuation in supply and demand as well as price.



PEACECOIN token (PEACE) is a high-quality cryptocurrency developed by Peacecoin.io. The ambition of “PEACECOIN” is to evolve and become a key foundation and a positive force contributing to a new, global digital currency with utilities and value – based on simple economic systems or formulas. Members of this system may earn, accumulate, spend and trade PEACECOIN tokens/coins (PEACE) for the benefit of themselves and the entire community. The Aim of this cryptocurrency is to help people and bring value that is positive to mankind.

The overall focus beyond a particular set of innovations is to provide a more balanced and sustainable ecosystem, solve problems and bring solutions, that better accounts for the needs of its users as well as other systems seeking integration. In the spirit of many open-source projects, such as “PEACECOIN”, maybe did not begin with comprehensive roadmaps or even an authoritative white paper – such as was the case of Bitcoin. Rather it embraced a collection of design principles, engineering ideas, ideologies, beliefs, technological expertise and most important best practices and avenues for exploration (innovations). Over time utilities and market directions were figured out or determined because core developers on the project continued to build the coins value and use point while community and base drove the most important element of the cryptocurrency – its message, its cause, reason for existence, and a very strong and very compelling story behind driving the coin. We believe this made the difference for the “father” cryptocurrency and the “gold standard” - the BITCOIN. Some of these core implementations include the following:

  • Mission and Cause behind the Peace token (PEACE) Project. The outmost best intents fueled by real duty and purpose is everything; and the compelling story behind the Peacecoin Movement. Why we exist defines the first step and brings next - the development work involved
  • Separation of accounting and computation into different layers
  • Implementation of core components in highly modular functional code
  • Small groups of academics and developers competing with peer reviewed research
  • Heavy use of interdisciplinary teams including early use of InfoSec (information security) experts
  • Fast iteration between white papers, ideas, R&D (research and development), implementation and new research required to correct issues discovered during review.
  • Building in the ability to upgrade post-deployed systems without destroying the network
  • Development of a decentralized funding mechanism for future work
  • A long-term view on improving the design of cryptocurrencies so they can work on mobile and “on the go” devices with a reasonable and secure user experience
  • Bringing stakeholders and “core” developers closer to the operations and maintenance of their cryptocurrencies and wallets
  • Acknowledging the need to account for multiple assets in the same ledger
  • Abstracting transactions to include optional metadata in order to better conform to the needs of legacy systems
  • Learning from the nearly 1,000 “top” and stable altcoins by embracing features that make sense (such as use and utilities)
  • Adopt a standards-driven process inspired by the Internet Engineering Task Force using a dedicated foundation to lock down the final protocol design
  • Explore the social elements of commerce and use of your token/coin
  • Find a healthy middle ground for regulators to interact with commerce without compromising some core principles inherited from Bitcoin and other developing altcoins
  • Adding a consumer level easy payment solution method with the PEACE cryptocurrency that is in compliance with industry standards
  • Maintaining and ongoing development of the PEACE cryptocurrency ecosystems and open-source development work
  • Increasing the skill set of current team developers on the Peacecoin project and recruiting new highly skill set developers onto the Peacecoin project team - ongoing
  • Expanding the brand level of the PEACE token/coin internationally and on the top of the altcoin’s top producer and most active list
  • Expanding and increasing brand awareness of the name “Peace” and “Peacecoin” in geo specific locations such as the Latin Americas and Middle East countries and subcontinents
  • Using the PEACE token specifically in vast usage in the NFT Marketplaces and Metaverse worlds
  • Although ambitious, using the Peace token specifically and in vast usage in different ecommerce marketplace platforms – specifically those that are mainstream or established marketplaces already
  • Bringing the PEACE token/coin in listings on the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with full chain integration
  • Expanding brand level of the “Company” and project as a leader blockchain and platform level development amongst peers in web3


Peacecoin Inc. a product-oriented company that facilitates sales of products and services to consumers through independent Sales Agents/Affiliates/3rd Party Sellers. The company is registered in the Great State of California. The main products are Solid Silver Coins, Solid Gold Coins, and Solid Platinum Coins. Peacecoin also produces an NFT Marketplace, NFT products, Metaverse (“PeaceWorldMeta”), and an online learning Peacecoin Academy as a core line of its products and services. These products & services are marketed and can be promoted by Affiliates or 3rd party/sellers or (“independent business owners”) who are members through a direct sales compensation plan business model direct to customer sales which go through a replicated website provided by Peacecoin Inc for its affiliate marketers. Peacecoin Jewelry Inc. is an OJM (Original Jewelry Manufacturer) situated in the heart of downtown Los Angeles in the famous jewelry district. Peacecoin Jewelry Inc. designs & manufacturers its own precious metal jewelry and the Peacecoins (precious metals). The company has over 17 years of experience in jewelry design & manufacturing. Peacecoin.io is the technology arm of Peacecoin Inc. Peacecoin.io does all the web3 crypto and blockchain development work for the “Peacecoin Movement” or “Project”. PEACECOIN.IO was launched by Peacecoin Inc., a product-oriented and product manufacturing & design dynamic company, committed to build and develop a global digital currency-based on an economic system and community for Peace, Love, and Equality. With long-time and highly experienced programming knowledge for our projects, we are intending to achieve improvements in this cutting-edge domain which is the cryptocurrency and web3 world. Every day we make efforts to bring value driven and improved technological assets for our users. Bringing real difference and value is most important to us and our userbase. We are always looking for ways to update our software with better security, code, and as well as connectivity to our digital wallets, our web and mobile applications, as well as technology network and infrastructure at the backbone of our tech. We keep and must continue to keep current with the latest technologies, providing a better “user experience” for our users. Our support center and support teams are always available to assist you and our members with any issue that might arise during the use of our products and services. Keeping the center of attention on our customers we believe is the key to find out what are the needs and wants in products and services and expectations moving forward. We continue to provide easy to use video and audio tutorials to help you feel more comfortable and confident when interacting and navigating with our products and digital applications as part of our ecosystems. Although Peacecoin.io and its development teams are still in early phases of development much work has been achieved thus far and we continue to work towards future developments, improvements, updates, and innovations in code and functionalities and features which will always be, ongoing.


This is truly a golden era age and future for all of humanity!

It is some of only a handful of cryptocurrencies backed by real technology, source code, and integrated web3 platforms (present and future). This token and cryptocurrency maybe the world's first true “crypto” and “chain” backed by REAL PRECIOUS METAL SILVER (925 solid sterling) both non-custodial held and in future roadmap, to custodial held.

Honestly, as a developer or outsider (public/world citizen) looking in, how many times has life offered you such an amazing chance to be a part of, truly make a difference, and promote real global peace through a movement, and a project which has integrated commerce and technology innovations together? For many people, doors to such an opportunity remain closed maybe most of their lives. Maybe they cannot get involved because they were never invited into “the circle”. Now is the time to take advantage of one of these rare possibilities and gemstones – PEACECOIN!

Join the Peacecoin Project and movement if you are a highly skilled motivated developer or if you simply - believe in PEACE!

The Peacecoin project is unique and nothing less than a pioneering/early adopter achievement that is second to none. Look at the first practical automobile produced in 1886 - it was more than just a new means of transportation. It initiated a complete world-wide upheaval that was to transform technology, politics, economics, lifestyle, human condition betterment, and societies, within just a few years. When Neil Armstrong squeezed the first human footprint into the moon dust in 1969, it was more than a small step - it was a giant leap for mankind. The same trend-setting qualities are also inherent in the Peacecoin movement and the Peacecoin project. Everyone believes in Peace! Everyone believes in improving mankind! Where there is Peace there is all the possibilities to improving human conditions. This makes it (PEACECOIN & the PEACE TOKEN) very special in its field – cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3.

Peacecoin is more than just a cryptocurrency project. It represents a complete paradigm shift. It follows the cryptocurrency model of anonymous transfers without middlemen or conventional banks. Seamless and agile; anywhere in the world through the world wide web. It covers a monetary system with real precious metal assets, technology and support (people) behind it. Unlike the fiat, the Dollar, the Euro, the Yen, or other major global currencies which are based on an unstable principle of merely “hope”, “belief”, and “confidence”; usually because its backing is strength through geopolitics, military strength, and many times speculation. Real assets are always valuable such as precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum). Blockchain is always honest and transparent. This maybe some of the only truths that can liberate our world from financial crisis, corruption, and even turmoil that usually result in conflicts and in worst cases, wars.

Peacecoin possesses key advantages that speak for your financial future and well-being. It has mastered the initial development phases triumphantly, and it is currently listed at Invexcoin.com global exchange. A regulated crypto exchange licensed from the 14 or 15 biggest world economy, the great Republic of Mexico. Invexcoin.com exchange has recognized Peacecoin's tremendous growth potential and its importance and value as a project and cryptocurrency and movement. The PEACE token currently holds a “good standing” rating at the global exchange Invexcoin.com.

The Peacecoin token (PEACE) is based on blockchain technology and uses the Ethereum ERC20 protocol.

Cryptocurrency experts and analysts are confident that the Peacecoin protocol based ERC20 blockchain technology will revolutionize the entire market as well as compete with Bitcoin and other parallel chains very well. Peacecoin coin intends to fork its token to coin and create its own explorer blockchain in the coming roadmap for its PEACE token/coin (PEACE) project. In doing do so, Peacecoin will introduce low cost sending (gas fees); and plans to also launch green portable “on the go” mining machines or mining systems. These advanced hardware/software operated miners will help mine and support the PEACE coin cryptocurrency network globally. Affiliates, developers, and PEACE seeking members globally will be able to “plug and play” Crypto mining machines from their convenient locations and earn mining rewards and benefits on an ongoing bases with the project and movement.


We believe in educating The People and empowering them. One of the biggest jewels of the company is the ongoing development work of the Peacecoin Academy or Peacecoin Crypto Academy. Peacecoin has already launched 3 fully animated modules of its Academy for its members to learn and benefit from. A customized learning platform designed to take any novice member entering the web3 world and wanting to grasp the basics of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and mining. This Academy is already receiving very high reviews… and the creative arts and animation department at the Peacecoin Project continues to work on 5 additional modules launching in 2023-2024.


Behind the Peacecoin Movement is 36 years of expertise and community work of Minister Abdul Malik Sayyid Muhammad. He has served the communities in major U.S. cities to bring peace as a “Peace Ambassador” and the “go to guy” community leader in decreasing violence in the inner cities. He has negotiated peace and co-existence, handled racism issues, and important public matters amongst communities and ethnicities who are traditionally fighting each other. He has done this for more than 3 decades of public service. Minister Abdul Malik Sayyid Muhammad is a well-known and respected community leader when it comes to bringing PEACE. The Peacecoin Movement was partly established from the inspiration of the “Peace Rides” the minister holds every month on the streets of Los Angeles promoting Peace


Major tycoons and investors like Warren Buffet have recognized the importance of real precious metal assets such as SILVER and have heavy investments in the precious metal. Technology icons such as Elon Musk have recognized the significance of cryptocurrencies even promoting such cryptos or tokens to purchase his products at Tesla on and off. He has been known to promote the famous Shiba Inu or Dogecoin by simply tweeting on Twitter. Cryptocurrencies and precious metals have gained much acceptance and have taken center stage of world economies. There is much talk about it and it is consistently in newspapers and business journals.



Owners and Co-Founders initial gift and rights to percentage (Up to 20% approximately) of coins ownership for Kickstart and Work involved by them for launching the Peacecoin Movement, and Project.


Up to 30% Trade & Technology Campuses.


Peacecoin blockchain mining with Peacecoin technology mining machines. (Up to 17%)


Developers & Technology Team coin bonuses and allocation for future development works in I.T. (Up to 23%)


Up to 10% of total 1,900,000,000 (1.9 billion) to burn for market confidence and valuation reasons


Our growing community accepts the Ethereum technology protocol, because it is one of the best platforms that maintain a constant technological advance, offering speed and security in transactions, the advantage of obtaining a PEACECOIN token on its blockchain. In addition, you will have absolute and complete control of your smart contract assets always in a secured environment with many other peer altcoins running on the same smart contract grid (inter connectivity & interchangeable).


Thanks to the PEACECOIN Token (PEACE), many people around the world will have a unique opportunity to work, develop, buy, and yes even SELL products (3rd party selling) on its ecosystem and web3 market platforms all integrated well with its main portals: www.peacecoin.com, peacecoin.io and coming soon www.peacemetaworld.com. In the future we intend that the PEACECOIN project will offer the possibilities for people even to buy goods and services on 3rd party online portals or stores with the PEACE token/coin, as well as making cryptographic payments in person through the Point of Sales (POS) system at brick-and-mortar physical location stores.


The purpose of the Peacecoin Movement & PEACE token (PEACE) and its proceeds is to rebuild the wasted urban cities in America and war-torn countries, globally. We are now living in a world that is suffering from violence, racism, and many types of suppression. Much of the violence is due to the lack of jobs, illiteracy and high unemployment. Proceeds from the PEACECOIN MOVEMENT & PEACE token (PEACE) will go towards re-development projects in the cities of America and will produce education, then jobs for those who can't find work. Some of the proceeds may also go towards eradicating poverty and homelessness. We will start in the US by building a construction trade campus and a technology campus that will be dedicated to teaching the 17 trades in the first underdeveloped community. These Technology and Trade Campuses can generate revenues in a variety of spectrums or streams. Such as tuition related fees, sponsorships, donations, government subsidies or grants, as well as real estate positionings and acquisitions where the campuses will sit.



1. Carpenter
2. Electrician
3. Plumber
4. Painter
5. Dry wall Installer
6. Glazier
7. Tile Contractor
8. Mason & Concrete Finisher
9. Brick Mason
10. Construction Worker
11. Crane Operator
12. Cost Estimator
13. Project Manager
14. Surveyor
15. Site Safety Manager
16. Construction Inspector
17. Civil Engineer



1. Full Stack Developer
2. Front-End Developer
3. Back-End Developer
4. IOS Mobile App Developer
5. Android Mobile App Developer
6. Network Engineer
7. Systems Engineer
8. Dev Ops Engineer
9. Blockchain Engineer
10. Network Security Engineer & Info Sec Specialist
11. Project Manager
12. Graphic Designer
13. Animations Designer
14. Hardware Specialist
15. Quality Assurance Specialist
16. Database Specialist
17. A.I. & Computer Learning


A total of 1.9 billion PEACE coins are created on the smart contract Ethereum. The PEACE token is freely transferable on blockchain wallets which run on the erc20 Ethereum chain. With its advanced features, smart contract protocol, and active ecosystem, Ethereum fits (PEACE). The coins comply with high confirmation protocols and standards and are 99.99% immune to fraudulent activity.

The PEACE token could possibly open in the open market at any given price or value, however, this is not guaranteed. The value of the token (PEACE) is not determined by anyone person but collectively through time and volume of trade and conventions in trading standards.

The PEACE token is already listed on Invexcoin.com exchange.

This concept, which is unique to the world, also includes the cryptocurrency back by precious silver metals.

The KYC requirements are available on most cryptocurrency exchange platforms and is such the case at Invexcoin.com (accredited digital coin exchange). The coins are allowed to trade p2p. The PEACE price is determined by market forces and demand or interest from buyer and the seller and cryptocurrency exchange mechanisms help facilitate a fair and smooth transaction. Users can buy and sell PEACE with Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies as the exchange offers these added services.

The value of PEACE will reflect the degree of penetration, exposure, interest and places of listing as well as its project outlines and the team behind the project and mission. The more PEACE is used as a means of payment - and thus customer acceptance increases - the greater the demand for (PEACE). The popularity of a PEACECOIN ecosystem can likely grow very fast. Thus, affecting how the market will perceive, treat, and accept the Peace token (PEACE). We believe these two growth factors will complement each other in a positive way.



Symbol: PEACE

PEACE Token technical details: ERC20 ETHEREUM CHAIN PROTOCOL

Decimal: 18

Contract: 0x4d80cd259b3f61a050c6fb53a86e0c89548f7c2f

Total Supply: 1,900,000,000


  • Appropriate quantities of PEACE can be converted at any time (liquidity solutions addressed)
  • Facilitate real-time payments anywhere, anytime on Marketplaces
  • Cost-effective (for transfers and gas fees)
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, stable tokens, can be used to purchase PEACE
  • Freely transferable anywhere in the world and without limits
  • Significant increase in the number of acceptance points
  • Low fees to be paid by merchants for using the PEACE ecosystem (blockchain and cryptocurrency usage)


After attaining PEACE token (PEACE), the value of PEACE token (PEACE) can fluctuate significantly for a variety of reasons. Your holdings in PEACE token (PEACE) can even lead to a total loss. In addition, each holder of PEACE token (PEACE) naturally bears the risk of volatile price fluctuations of the PEACE token (PEACE) compared to other crypto currencies and exchange rates


Blockchain technology, including but not limited to, coinage, may be a new concept in some jurisdictions, which may then apply existing laws or introduce new rules regarding blockchain technology-based applications. This can result in significant changes in jurisdictions where PEACECOIN TOKEN (PEACE) can operate. It can't be ruled out that the services and projects described in this document will need to be adapted or changed due to the regulatory environment in certain countries if needed so and in the rarest situations. Nor can it be ruled out that certain services can't be provided in certain jurisdictions in its rarest situations.


PEACE token (PEACE) owners may be required to pay taxes in connection with transactions in profit taking situations or earnings. Please check with your jurisdiction country for your tax rights and requirements. It is the sole responsibility of PEACE token (PEACE) holders to comply with the tax laws of their jurisdictions and to pay all relevant taxes. Peacecoin Inc. or any of its affiliate companies or technology partners are not responsible for any member who holds any kind of tax obligations as a result of their winnings or losses with the cryptocurrency token.


The benefits of the PEACE token (PEACE) ecosystem can be interrupted, suspended or postponed due to force majeure. For the purposes of this White Paper, force majeure means extraordinary events and circumstances that can't be prevented, including natural phenomena, wars, armed conflicts, severe civil unrest, labor disputes, epidemics, lockouts, slowdowns, short-term or long-term trade (import/export), other energy shortages, communication services, acts of the local, state or federal authorities and other circumstances beyond the control of the PEACE token (PEACE), which did not exist at the time of publication of the white paper


Personal information from PEACE token (PEACE) holders, information about the number of coins held, wallet addresses used, and other relevant information may be provided to law enforcement agencies, government officials and other third parties if the PEACE token (PEACE) is required to disclose such information by law, subpoena or court order. PEACE is at no time responsible for the disclosure of such information to government regulators.



This policy together with our terms of use are available at our website. The personal information you provide us is always protected and only processed by us. Peacecoin does not share or sell information of its members to anyone. Please read the privacy policy carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it. By joining PEACECOIN you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this policy.

Peacecoin.io PEACE Whitepaper v.1.0